Have a happy, healthy and safe Thanksgiving

Superintendent Pam MoranDear Colleagues:

One of my first decisions as the new superintendent for Albemarle County Public Schools was to move the Wisdom Table into my office. It has been there ever since.

For many years, this modest, rectangular wooden table occupied a hallowed place in my grandad’s home in South Carolina’s Lowcountry. I remember it with great reverence, because it was where I would sit down with my grandfather to work out the youthful problems and challenges that complicated my early life. Continue reading

Lifelong Learning Through Environmental Sustainability

Superintendent's BlogGuest Blog by Lindsay Snoddy, Assistant Director for Environmental Health and Safety, Albemarle County Public Schools

“Environmental stewardship has a long history in Albemarle County Public Schools. The School Board formalized an environmental management policy in 2006 and honors their commitment to support programs for continual improvement. A program that began its focus on environmental compliance quickly grew to include sustainability and unique offerings for project-based learning, leading first to Crozet Elementary and then Stony Point Elementary School receiving US DOE Green Ribbon School Awards. Individual recognition of these schools was followed by the entire division being honored in 2017 with a district-wide US DOE Green Ribbon Schools District Sustainability Award.” Keeping reading the October 2 Superintendent’s Blog post »

Dr. Pamela Moran Will Retire as Superintendent on June 30; Dr. Matthew Haas Appointed as Successor

Pam Moran and Matt HaasDuring its work session on Thursday, September 28, the Albemarle County School Board appointed Dr. Matthew Haas as the school division’s 20th Superintendent, succeeding Dr. Pamela Moran, who announced her retirement yesterday. Dr. Moran will retire on June 30, 2018, and Dr. Haas’ appointment takes effect the next day, July 1. Directly following both announcements, Superintendent Moran and Deputy Superintendent Haas addressed employees via email, and the school division published two news releases: Continue reading

We Are Back in School!

Superintendent's Blog“The 2017-18 School Year is well underway across all 25 Albemarle County Public Schools. I am always delighted each year to visit every school in the first week to see our teachers and students come together to form new communities of learning. It is a joy to watch as our youngest children enter school for the first time and are greeted by teachers who are ready to help them make the transition into preschool and kindergarten. They learn in kindergarten to work and play with others and to negotiate their way around their schools. In many ways, children begin to acquire the lifelong learning competencies that we value for our graduates on the first day of school.” Read more of the Superintendent’s September 4 blog post »

Joint Statement From CCS & ACPS

ACPS-CCSDr. Rosa Atkins, Superintendent of Charlottesville City Schools, and Dr. Pamela Moran, Superintendent of Albemarle County Public Schools, have issued the following joint statement. They are joined in this statement by the School Board Chairs of both divisions, Juandiego Wade for Charlottesville City, and Kate Acuff from Albemarle County.

Dear Members of our School Communities: Continue reading

Thank You for an Extraordinary Year

Superintendent Pam MoranDear Colleagues:

Education is a profession of people, not easily given to the precise use of numbers alone to measure progress or achievement. Yet, numbers can, on occasion, serve a useful purpose, and one of those occasions is this week as we prepare to conclude our 2016-17 school year.

The precise number I have in mind is 73.51, which is the percentage of voters who on November 8 approved the first school bond referendum in Albemarle County in nearly 40 years. Continue reading

Today Is Administrative Professionals Day

Superintendent Pam MoranDear Colleagues:

Today is a historic occasion. More than 75 years ago, as our nation was preparing to defend freedom and democracy around the world, the recruitment of administrative professionals first became a stated national objective. The highly valued contributions of these professionals were seen by our country’s leaders as essential, not only to the success of the war effort, but to the health of the economy. It was the first national recognition of what this very day has become, Administrative Professionals Day. Continue reading