Best Wishes to You and Your Families for Much Success in the Years Ahead

Superintendent Pam MoranDear Colleagues:

“Every generation inherits a world it never made; and, as it does so, it automatically becomes the trustee of that world for those who come after. In due course, each generation makes its own accounting to its children.” — Sen. Robert F. Kennedy, 1968

As I come to the end of 33 years working with the Albemarle County Public Schools 13 as superintendent I truly feel the power of this quote. I came to ACPS because I knew people were doing great things for children, I inherited that mission and now, I bequeath that mission to the next generation. Continue reading

In Honor of Teacher Appreciation Week

Superintendent Pam MoranDear Colleagues,

I began teaching in 1975. The world I lived in was quite different and, at the same time, very similar to the world we all live in today. I remember learning how to thread a film projector and routinely botching that particular technology, which led to breaks in or a jumble of film piled on the floor. I also remember making copies of all kinds of textbook “supplemental materials” and tests using the duplicating machine. Finally, nothing rattled us as much as when the first computer landed in our school. I actually couldn’t find a video of it, but it was a Texas Instruments computer than ran from a cassette in a tape player. It was in the 1980s before we started to see a more high tech computer such as this one.

One thing I have learned across my career in education—as a teacher, building administrator, central office staff member, and now superintendent—is that tools change, furniture changes, curriculum changes, strategies change, and tests change. Yet, the constant that has stood the test of time is teachers who build relationships with young people, all young people, and see the assets and strengths in each learner we serve. Continue reading

Budget Update – May 2, 2018

Superintendent Pam MoranDear Colleagues:

Our theme for this year’s budget that was just approved, is Albemarle Forward: Equity & Opportunity. Our 2018-19 operating budget provides the resources that will bring that objective to life. I’m confident that those resources, matched with our incredibly talented and dedicated team, mean it’s only a matter of time until that theme becomes a reality. That will only happen because of each of you and your work to ensure that, in every department and every school, we are leveraging our resources to achieve our vision, mission, and one strategic goal.

This is the last budget process that I will oversee as superintendent, and for the first time since 2008, I believe that the challenging times of the great recession had little to no impact on this year’s budget. Continue reading

Thank You to Our Administrative Professionals

Superintendent Pam MoranDear Colleagues:

April is one of those months that carries a great deal of anticipation. Temperatures are warming, colors are intensifying, and the excitement of another great school year about to conclude leads to expectations about the new opportunities that await the next stage of life learning.

It’s also an important celebratory time to honor those among us whose contributions to building that excitement and opening up those opportunities are irreplaceable. April is the time when we recognize the selfless and exceptional talents of the administrative professionals who make our team so powerful, so dependable, and so caring. Continue reading

Special Thanks to Our School Counselors

Happy National School Counseling WeekDear Counselors:

We are so grateful for National School Counseling Week because it gives us the opportunity to share with you our deep appreciation for the difference you make in so many young lives every day. Among the most important evolutionary steps we have taken as a school division are initiatives that more closely align the student experience with the contemporary requirements of the world they will enter in their post-graduate life. Continue reading

Jan. 22-26 is Virginia School Principals Appreciation Week

Superintendent Pam MoranDear Members of Our School Community:

Among his very first actions as our new Governor, Ralph Northam signed a proclamation designating this week as Virginia School Principals Appreciation Week. Across the Commonwealth, this week is a time of recognition for the invaluable contributions that school principals make to students and to the quality of education in our state. Nowhere in Virginia are these contributions more meaningful than they are here in Albemarle County. Continue reading

2018-19 Superintendent’s Funding Request

Superintendent Pam MoranDear Colleagues:

AlbemarleForward: Equity & Opportunity is the title of the 2018-19 funding request I presented to our School Board last week, and it sums up the extraordinary work now before us.

Funding requests are value statements and, especially at this time, our values compel us to make equal the learning experiences we offer to all students and to have them leave us fully prepared to realize their highest potential for lifelong success. This means that the goals before us are to eliminate the predictive impact that race, class, gender, and special capacities have on student success; to increase career readiness skills for all students; and to support the professionals who will deliver these results. Continue reading

Time & Attendance System: Project Update #1

Time and Attendance ManagementSince the last Time & Attendance System communication on August 30, a cross-divisional team has worked to align our policies and gain employee input for design and development of the system. You may begin noticing the installation of time clocks in some building locations. These clocks will not be operational until employee training begins on the new Time & Attendance System. The testing phase of the system is scheduled to begin this spring, with implementation beginning in July.

Read the full update, which was emailed to all employees on January 24, 2018.

Have a Happy, Healthy and Rewarding Holiday Season

Superintendent Pam MoranDear Colleagues:

This past week, Walton Middle School opened their doors to local residents to distribute food and toys to families in need. Students were part of the effort to collect these items, learning an important lesson about what it means to care about all the members of your community, even those who too often can be invisible in our thoughts.

What happened at Walton was not unique to that school, of course. Many of our students, staff and parents across our division come together at this and other times of the year to lend a hand to those who are in need. It is the most satisfying of expressions of our school division’s values. Continue reading