Is My Laptop Scheduled for Replacement This Year?

Dell Latitude 3300

ACPS has a four-year replacement cycle for all staff laptops. This plan affords our staff members a safe experience with a supported laptop to complete the essential functions of their work. The replacement cycle is based on the purchase date and the model of the computer. In the 2019 replacement cycle, laptop models that will be replaced are the Lenovo T450 and all 13-inch MacBook Airs. Continue reading

Departing ACPS? Find Out How to Take Your Digital Content With You.

Adult with backpack walking away

Are you leaving ACPS at the end of this school year? If so, please see the following guidance about how to take your digital content (email, Google documents, local files and folders, etc.) with you. These items may be stored in a variety of digital spaces. Please note that your account and access to your digital files will be available until July 1, 2019. Continue reading

ACPS Aged Devices


You may have noticed a new wireless name available at your school. The technology department has created a new SSID (Service Set Identifier) named ACPS-AGED-DEVICES. This temporary solution will enable legacy MAC hardware to connect more reliably to our ACPS network. These older devices lack the capability to maintain a consistent connection to the new and improved ACPS wireless network. Continue reading

2019-20 Technology Purchasing Decisions


At the end of the 2017-18 school year, LEAD made a decision to issue similar computers to teachers and students. This decision was made so teachers could better anticipate the experiences their students would have when working on similar computers. A combination of factors, including rising costs, hardware changes, and teacher feedback prompted LEAD to review the technology provided to teachers and students as a part of the ACPS Digital Learning Initiative. Continue reading

We’ve Improved the ACPS-PUBLIC Wireless Network Experience


Albemarle County Public Schools provides internet access to personal devices through our ACPS-PUBLIC wireless network. This includes internet access for our students, teachers, staff and visitors who may need internet connectivity while visiting our buildings.

Recently, we eliminated the requirement for users to accept an agreement before connecting to the internet using ACPS-PUBLIC. We hope this change will provide a positive and easy experience when utilizing this service. Please note that ACPS internet traffic is monitored and filtered.

If you have questions, please reach out to the Service Desk at 434-975-9444.

New Learning Management System for ACPS

Schoolology Logo

Albemarle County Public Schools has selected a new Learning Management System to serve our communities of learners. This selection came after a thorough review process that included a large group of educators. You can view the teacher survey results and learn more about the evaluation process through our Learning on the Web: Blackboard web page.

We are pleased to announce that Schoology has been selected as our new Learning Management System. At this time, we are in contract negotiations. Continue reading

Email Storage Expansion for All & Productivity PD for ACPS Teachers


ACPS teachers, office associates, and other support staff engage in a high volume of email correspondence with families, colleagues, and school administrators. Currently, ACPS employees have access to 250MB of email storage through Outlook Exchange, the email application provided by Albemarle County Public Schools. In an effort to further support teachers and all employees, the Department of Learning Engineering, Accessibility and Design (LEAD) will adjust the storage limit of all email accounts to 2G. Doing so will expand email storage by 800%. This change will take effect on February 1.

In addition, the Learning Technology team will host a series of professional learning opportunities for ACPS teachers in February titled, Tips for Managing Your Digital World as an Educator. Continue reading

Speak Up Survey: Participate by Jan. 31

Project Tomorrow Speak Up

ACPS Educators: Each year the Speak Up Survey provides our district with rich data that helps us make important decisions for students. Through this survey, we learn how students use technology, what technologies are important to teachers, how our use of technology aligns with the needs of our families, and more. Continue reading