CoSN Article on Digital Equity Spotlights ACPS

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In a July 11 article, Digital Equity Isn’t Just About Equal Access to Technology, CoSN (the Consortium for School Networking) spotlights Albemarle County Public Schools’ commitment to personalizing learning through digital literacy and sustaining a culture of improvement. Author Dr. Beth Holland is the CoSN project director for Digital Equity. Her goal is to feature school divisions who are working to create equitable learning environments that give ALL students access to rich learning experiences. Continue reading

Moving Content From Blackboard to Schoology

Bb to Schoology

Teachers: By now, you are aware that ACPS has partnered with Schoology for our new Learning Management System (LMS). Blackboard (Bb) is our current LMS and has been for many years. We are aware that you may have a lot of content that needs to be moved over to Schoology. LEAD is working with both companies to move these materials over for you, and we will provide more communications and directions in August about this transition. Continue reading

LEAD Wishes You a Great Summer!


Thank you for all you do every day in our school communities. The Department of Learning Engineering, Access, and Design (LEAD) wishes you the very best that summer has to offer.

Remember our 90-day password requirement! We recommend that you change your password before you leave. Did you know we have a Self Password Reset portal that you can set up? This would be a great task for you to complete before you leave for the summer. Continue reading

2019-20 LTI and TSS Assignments


As part of our continuous improvement efforts, the LEAD department will be adjusting some LTI and TSS building assignments for next year. Our department leadership gave careful thought to the assignments, ensuring they were based on the following criteria: number of students to support; number of devices requiring support; geographic proximity, aligning more with feeder patterns/coaching clusters; and LTI time capture data.

Not all assignments are changing; the only ones that are changing are purposeful. View the revisions »

Continue reading

Reimaging Plan: Every Computer Must Be Reimaged

Update Software

There’s a new computer image for all ACPS staff and students! The technology department created a stakeholder group to inform the creation of a robust, efficient computer image. Our goal is to reimage all ACPS technology before the start of the new school year. This will provide all employees with an equitable computer image for collaboration and consistency, and also help to ensure your laptop stays safe and virus free.

This reimage will take about half a day, so please plan to be without your computer during that time; we can provide a loaner computer if needed. We are flexible and will work with you and your schedule. Continue reading

Is My Laptop Scheduled for Replacement This Year?

Dell Latitude 3300

ACPS has a four-year replacement cycle for all staff laptops. This plan affords our staff members a safe experience with a supported laptop to complete the essential functions of their work. The replacement cycle is based on the purchase date and the model of the computer. In the 2019 replacement cycle, laptop models that will be replaced are the Lenovo T450 and all 13-inch MacBook Airs. Continue reading

Departing ACPS? Find Out How to Take Your Digital Content With You.

Adult with backpack walking away

Are you leaving ACPS at the end of this school year? If so, please see the following guidance about how to take your digital content (email, Google documents, local files and folders, etc.) with you. These items may be stored in a variety of digital spaces. Please note that your account and access to your digital files will be available until July 1, 2019. Continue reading