Upcoming Learning Tech Opportunities – Enroll Now!

Upcoming Learning Tech OpportunitiesIn the spring semester, teachers will have the opportunity to partner with the Learning Technology Team in several ongoing learning experiences. These courses will increase instructional capacity in small learning cohorts and foster a sense of community throughout the district.

We can’t wait to learn alongside you in our upcoming MakerEd, Digital Media, Personalized Learning, and Google Educator Certification courses. Enrollment is now open through the Spring Opportunities site! Continue reading

Speak Up Survey – Participate by January 19

Speak UpACPS Educators: Each year the Speak Up Survey provides our district with rich data that helps us make important decisions for students. Through this survey, we learn how students use technology, what technologies are important to teachers, how our use of technology aligns with the needs of our families, and more. View a copy of the letter emailed to ACPS parents and educators on Nov. 16 »

In the past, we have received thousands of responses across the district, and this year, we’re aiming for 100% participation. Taking the survey is easy: Continue reading

Important Information Regarding Blackboard

BlackboardTeachers: Here are a few suggestions and resources to assist you with backing up your Blackboard (Bb) classes and preparing for the transition of your current class content and materials to new classes next school year. Also, please review the Annual Blackboard Management Plan. This resource has been updated with important information, deadlines and actions you will need to consider over the next school year. Continue reading

Computer Update on the Horizon: All Employees Will Need to Back up Their Data!

Computer UpdateThere’s a new computer image for all ACPS staff! DART is conducting a teacher and staff computer refresh. During this refresh, DART will update your computer operating system (Windows 10 or Apple OSX) and other software on your computer to more current supported versions. This is to provide uniformity in the way that you interact with your computer as well as how DART can support you. Continue reading

Web Sites & Content Filtering

Vincent ScheivertDear Staff:

This school year we have made a transition to a new content filter. Please know that we are required by the federal government to filter certain types of Internet sites: most notably sites considered to be obscene, sites that contain pornography, and any sites deemed harmful to minors. Each of the terms mentioned are legal items and are defined via case law. Our new content filter, as do all filtering solutions, places web sites into categories and the school division determines which categories to block or not to block. Continue reading

Speak Up Survey – Participate by Jan. 13

Speak UpDear Educators:

We are excited to announce that ACPS is participating in Speak Up 2016, now through January 13, 2017! Speak Up is an online national research survey that provides an easy way for students, parents and educators to (1) participate in local decisions about technology, and (2) contribute to the national dialogue about educational technology. Take the survey »

Your participation will help us answer questions, such as: Continue reading

Powerful Accessibility Tool Now Available for All Students & Educators

Snap&ReadAll ACPS educators and students now have access to a powerful accessibility tool called Snap&Read, which is designed to help learners of all ages better access content and organize ideas. Snap&Read is accessible as a Chrome internet browser extension or desktop app and provides on-demand read aloud support for students to engage with any text that they encounter, whether on a website (in any browser), in a PDF, or even part of a picture or illustration. Continue reading

PowerSchool Introduces New Gradebook

PowerSchoolPowerSchool has released a new gradebook that is available for teachers to use with our current version of PowerSchool. The new gradebook is web-based (think “no more Java” and “accessible from almost any web enabled device”). It was designed from the ground up to be a gradebook that works the way teachers do. For the 2016-17 school year, teachers have the option to use either the new PowerTeacher Pro (PTP) gradebook or the traditional PowerTeacher Gradebook (PTG). The SIS Support team has compiled a variety of resources to help teachers decide whether PowerTeacher Pro is right for them and help them learn more about how to transition to the PTP gradebook. Continue reading

How to Request Blackboard Classes for 2016-17

BlackboardACPS Educators: Follow the steps below to request Blackboard classes for the 2016-17 school year.

(1) Complete the Blackboard Class Request Form and submit it to your school’s SIS contact. Your SIS contact will be required to use this form to set up your Blackboard classes. Today, August 17, DART will turn on the integration between PowerSchool and Blackboard, and new Blackboard classes will begin showing up. Continue reading

Albemarle Summer Fellowships Link EdTech, Innovation & Professional Learning

Albemarle Summer FellowshipsThis summer, the EdTech Team will pilot a new type of professional learning as 32 teacher fellows join Learning Technology Integrators, highly innovative ACPS faculty, and the students in the CoderDojo and Fine Arts academies to work on reimagining learning in and around their classrooms. Click on “Albemarle Summer Fellowships” within the Summer 2016 PD Course Catalog to get more details and learn how to apply. Continue reading