Reminder: Sept. 18 Deadline to Change Student Passwords


The Department of Technology previously announced that all students in grades 3-12 will be required to change their password this year. This is a reminder that students who have not yet done this will be required through a prompt to change their default password on September 18, 2019. The new password must be 8 characters in length.

If you have questions, please talk with your school’s Learning Technology Integrator.

Phishing: It’s Okay to Be Suspicious!


The Department of Technology takes digital security very seriously. In an effort to keep everyone safe, we would like to share best practices around phishing.

Phishing is the fraudulent practice of pretending to be from a trustworthy, reputable company in order to get individuals to reveal personal information, such as passwords and credit card numbers, usually over email.

You should never share your password with anyone, digitally or face-to-face. Continue reading

Adobe Creative Cloud Licensing

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe has changed their licensing structure and considerably increased the cost. Also, our data reveals a decline in usage by staff and students in the lower grades.

As such, the Department of Technology has purchased licenses for every secondary teacher and student to have the Creative Cloud Suite provisioned to their ACPS account. Each account owner can go to the Software Center in the Start Menu to download the application and install the Adobe products. View step-by-step install directions »

Continue reading

Blackboard Sunsetting


By now, you likely know that ACPS has partnered with Schoology for our new Learning Management System (LMS). Our contract with Blackboard, which has been our LMS for many years, ends October 1, 2019.

Over the summer, we worked with Schoology to transfer as much content as possible from Blackboard. If you are missing items or still need content moved, please be sure to take care of that by October 1. Continue reading

Classroom Phones & Long Distance Calling

Phone Conversation

To enable communication and family engagement with all families across the division, teachers are able to use their classroom phones to make long distance calls to the parents and guardians of their students.

Long distance calling will require the use of a passcode that will be unique to each school. Principals have received the code for their building. Long distance calls by teachers should continue to be limited to parent/guardian communications.

Technology & Digital Citizenship Field Guide for ACPS Families

Technology & Digital Citizenship Field Guide

The Department of Technology has created a Technology & Digital Citizenship Field Guide for ACPS Families. This guide includes technology, digital citizenship, and laptop care resources for families, and replaces the need for the student laptop agreement form to be signed and collected. The goal is to provide families with information about technology in a more approachable and educational way. Continue reading

Reminder: Change in Practice for Student Passwords


Today, Tuesday, August 20, every student’s ACPS Network Account Password will reset to their student lunch number. New students will receive their ACPS network information at their school.

As we shared with you in a June 3 Compass post, beginning this school year, all students in grades 3-12 must change their passwords a minimum of once per year. Continue reading

Digital Security: New Email Spam Filter Settings

Spam Sign

As part of a normal replacement cycle, the Department of Technology recently installed a new email filter appliance as a security measure for all of our digital communications and our network. This appliance filters out SPAM from all of our email accounts.

Beginning August 1, 2019, the subject line of emails will contain [EXTERNAL] for any email that comes to your inbox from outside of our ACPS network. You also will see [POSSIBLE SPAM] in the subject line of emails let through our email filter that may be spam. Continue reading

CoSN Article on Digital Equity Spotlights ACPS

CoSN Logo

In a July 11 article, Digital Equity Isn’t Just About Equal Access to Technology, CoSN (the Consortium for School Networking) spotlights Albemarle County Public Schools’ commitment to personalizing learning through digital literacy and sustaining a culture of improvement. Author Dr. Beth Holland is the CoSN project director for Digital Equity. Her goal is to feature school divisions who are working to create equitable learning environments that give ALL students access to rich learning experiences. Continue reading