100 Inspiring Ideas for School Social Media Posts

ACPS Social MediaCommunication is key to any organization’s success. Here at ACPS, we see the value in our schools leveraging the power of social media to communicate with one another, our students, and the community. Whether you are new to or familiar with social media, if you find yourself wondering what to post, check out these 100 Inspiring Ideas for School Social Media Posts. And don’t forget to mention @k12albemarle on Twitter and use the hashtag #ACPS!

If you have any questions about social media and how to best use it, contact our Web and Social Media Specialist, Lorenzo Dickerson, at ldickerson@k12albemarle.org.

Bite-Size SEL Lessons

Edutopia“I used to think that snack time was an interruption in the schedule in my early childhood classroom. I offered crackers and water and then asked kids to finish up so we could move on to whatever activity was next.

Last year, however, I found ways in which snack time—previously just a pit stop in our day—could help teach social and emotional skills and build a classroom community in which each child felt valued. My students and I savored our snack time. Here’s how I did it.” Keep reading in Edutopia »

Finally, a Useful Application for VR: Training Employees

MIT Technology Review“If you’ve ever been inside a Walmart during the annual frenzy known as Black Friday, you know there’s no way to truly prepare yourself for the crushing crowds and panic-fueled shopping—you have to see it to believe it. But wearing a virtual-reality headset that lets you stand in the middle of this madness comes pretty close.” Keep reading in MIT Technology Review »

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Three Principles of Writing Instruction in a Personalized Learning Classroom

EdSurge“There is no right way—or place—to write. Similarly, there is no single right way to teach writing; effective writing instruction depends on the unique needs of each learner. In theory, this is a relatively easy idea to get behind. But in a traditional classroom setting, turning this idea into practice can be a challenge.” Keep reading in EdSurge »

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Do Fewer Walls Make for Better Schools?

CityLab“Schools across the world have been experimenting with more open layouts—and teaching techniques that suit them—since at least the 1950s. But such efforts, even in Finland, have not always proved successful because open-plan schools can suffer from distractingly high levels of noise. So how has Finland learned from the problems of the past to create a more effective model?” Keep reading Why Finland Is Embracing Open-Plan School Design in CityLab »

Lifelong Learning Through Environmental Sustainability

Superintendent's BlogGuest Blog by Lindsay Snoddy, Assistant Director for Environmental Health and Safety, Albemarle County Public Schools

“Environmental stewardship has a long history in Albemarle County Public Schools. The School Board formalized an environmental management policy in 2006 and honors their commitment to support programs for continual improvement. A program that began its focus on environmental compliance quickly grew to include sustainability and unique offerings for project-based learning, leading first to Crozet Elementary and then Stony Point Elementary School receiving US DOE Green Ribbon School Awards. Individual recognition of these schools was followed by the entire division being honored in 2017 with a district-wide US DOE Green Ribbon Schools District Sustainability Award.” Keeping reading the October 2 Superintendent’s Blog post »

Schools Are Missing What Matters About Learning

The Atlantic“Curiosity is underemphasized in the classroom, but research shows that it is one of the strongest markers of academic success.” Keep reading in The Atlantic »

What Superintendent Moran has to say: Every one of us has one purpose for working in Albemarle County Public Schools: ensuring that every learner, from our 4-year-olds to our soon to be 2018 grads, gets what he or she needs to achieve success. Continue reading

We Are Back in School!

Superintendent's Blog“The 2017-18 School Year is well underway across all 25 Albemarle County Public Schools. I am always delighted each year to visit every school in the first week to see our teachers and students come together to form new communities of learning. It is a joy to watch as our youngest children enter school for the first time and are greeted by teachers who are ready to help them make the transition into preschool and kindergarten. They learn in kindergarten to work and play with others and to negotiate their way around their schools. In many ways, children begin to acquire the lifelong learning competencies that we value for our graduates on the first day of school.” Read more of the Superintendent’s September 4 blog post »

No Grade Is Too Early for Flexible Seating

Edutopia“A decade ago, I watched college students break out for small group work on hallway benches, on the floor in the corner, and standing at tables. I noticed that kindergartners could learn while standing, kneeling, huddling under a table, and even sitting in a wooden cubby.” Keep reading in Edutopia »

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