Wow in the World: A Podcast for Curious Kids & Their Grown-ups

Wow in the WorldNPR’s Tinkercast presents Wow in the World, a podcast aimed at kids ages 5-12 (and their grown-ups). Every Monday and Thursday, hosts Guy Raz and Mindy Thomas take their listeners on a journey away from their screens, inside their brains, out into space, and deep into the coolest new stories in science, technology, and innovation. Listen »

Global Read Aloud 2017 Kicks Off October 2

Global Read AloudGlobal Read Aloud 2017 kicks off October 2, 2017! Since its launch in 2010, more than 2,000,000 kids from more than 60 countries have participated in this free event!

What is the Global Read Aloud (GRA)? The premise is simple: Educators choose one of the selected books to read aloud to their students between October 2 and November 10, and during that time, they connect with one or more classrooms around the globe. Continue reading

In a Community’s Most Difficult Moments: A Guide for Educators

Bernard HairstonDear Colleagues:

The impact from the events of this past weekend will continue to be felt well into the future. Many of the comments in the media this week referred to these events as being a teachable moment. I know all of you are thinking deeply about how you will engage students around this topic when they return to the classroom next Wednesday. Continue reading

Time to Tinker: Toy Take Apart Activity

Digital PromiseSummer is a time for fun, games, and … TOYS! As many teachers around the country enjoy their summer vacation, we want to share an activity you can do with the children in your life to have fun while learning about how things are made. In the Toy Take Apart activity, created by the Tinkering Studio at the Exploratorium, discover the parts and pieces that make up your old toys. Here’s an overview of what this project entails »

On Coming to America: Small Moments, Big Meanings

Nation of ImmigrantsLooking for an activity to engage your students in the interview process, writing, and even multimedia production? Check out On Coming to America: Small Moments, Big Meanings, including online lessons with structured opportunities for students to listen to, learn from, and honor the stories of others and, in the process, document and celebrate small moments in history from their own communities and across the globe.

YouTube Kids: An Educational Video Resource

YouTube KidsYouTube Kids is an educational video resource targeting pre-K and early elementary school.

What teachers say about it: “Teachers can use videos as supplemental resources, with hundreds of clips and full episodes available from favorites such as Sesame Street, Daniel Tiger, Peg + Cat, and more. In addition, both the “Learning” and the “Music” sections feature scores of educational songs and sing-alongs you could use as whole-class activities.”

Black History Month: Learning Resources (2017)

Superintendent Pam MoranDear Educators,

I recently attended the unveiling of a historical marker commemorating the importance of a Rosenwald School in Albemarle’s rural Cobham community. Over 5,000 Rosenwald schools were built in the early 20th century by the first president of Sears, Julius Rosenwald, who along with community members built these schools to support the education of African American students across the South. Continue reading

Powerful Accessibility Tool Now Available for All Students & Educators

Snap&ReadAll ACPS educators and students now have access to a powerful accessibility tool called Snap&Read, which is designed to help learners of all ages better access content and organize ideas. Snap&Read is accessible as a Chrome internet browser extension or desktop app and provides on-demand read aloud support for students to engage with any text that they encounter, whether on a website (in any browser), in a PDF, or even part of a picture or illustration. Continue reading

Black History Month Resources (2016)

February is Black History MonthEvery February, America and Virginia observe Black History Month, celebrating and honoring the many achievements and contributions made by African Americans to the economic, cultural and political development of America. The Virginia Department of Education is pleased to provide teachers and school divisions with Black History Month resources that support the History and Social Science Standards of Learning.