In Honor of Teacher Appreciation Week

Superintendent Pam MoranDear Colleagues,

I began teaching in 1975. The world I lived in was quite different and, at the same time, very similar to the world we all live in today. I remember learning how to thread a film projector and routinely botching that particular technology, which led to breaks in or a jumble of film piled on the floor. I also remember making copies of all kinds of textbook “supplemental materials” and tests using the duplicating machine. Finally, nothing rattled us as much as when the first computer landed in our school. I actually couldn’t find a video of it, but it was a Texas Instruments computer than ran from a cassette in a tape player. It was in the 1980s before we started to see a more high tech computer such as this one.

One thing I have learned across my career in education—as a teacher, building administrator, central office staff member, and now superintendent—is that tools change, furniture changes, curriculum changes, strategies change, and tests change. Yet, the constant that has stood the test of time is teachers who build relationships with young people, all young people, and see the assets and strengths in each learner we serve. Continue reading