benefitsFOCUS: September Payroll Edition

benefitsFOCUSWhat is this?

benefitsFOCUS is our way of communicating important Albemarle County employee benefits information to YOU! We’ll give you updates, tips, and head’s up announcements throughout the year to keep you in the loop. In this admittedly long (but very informative!) edition, we’ll tell you why you need to check your monthly earning statements via Greenshades (and what to look for when you do), what to expect for the new benefits plan year, and give you resources for accessing and using Greenshades like a pro! Continue reading

Superintendent’s Weekly Check-in, September 28

Superintendent Matthew HaasDear Colleagues:

A thought for next week: “Free public schools nourished the concept that what you know matters more than who you know. Common people coupled with an education, talent, and drive could counter social status and elitist contacts based on wealth or position. Only in America is there a Fanfare for the Common Man, instead of fanfares for some inherited royalty or elitist privilege. Public education celebrated the possibilities in the “common” diverse citizenry.” — George A. Goens

Happy Friday!

Yesterday I met with the Transportation Advisory Committee, a group of drivers, managers, and maintenance crew members with whom Jim Foley, Charmane White, and Chuck Leathers meet routinely to hear ideas and concerns for continuous improvement of our transportation services. Continue reading