Using Zoom With Enhanced Security

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The Department of Technology recently completed a full security evaluation of the video conferencing platform Zoom. We found some concerns with the default security settings in the free version of Zoom. For that reason, we are moving forward with creating our own Zoom domain where all of our employee accounts will be added.

All Teachers: On April 13, 2020, you will receive an email inviting you to our Zoom domain (unless you have already had your account linked). Please accept this invitation by clicking on the “Approve the Request” button. Doing so will enable our Technology Engineers to make our Zoom domain the most secure possible. Continue reading

Attention Secondary Teachers: 2019-20 Grading Procedures

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Dear Secondary Teachers,

Next week, as part of our planning to bring the current school year to as successful an end as possible, we will begin our continuity of learning activities across the division. I’d like to share with you how student grades will be determined in the wake of this unprecedented interruption of the school year.

We have developed consistent guidelines for teachers on how to assess upcoming learning assignments and final grades. Please see the Final 2019-2020 Grading Procedures for Teachers document for details on how to enter assignments and assign final grades. Continue reading