Look Up: Solar PV Systems Are Here!

BBES Solar PV SystemOver the summer, contractors were busy installing solar photovoltaic (PV) systems on six of our schools. The new systems now are producing renewable energy at Albemarle and Monticello high schools; Sutherland Middle School; and Baker-Butler, Brownsville and Greer elementary schools. You can enjoy a time-lapse video of the Albemarle High School installation.

Curriculum Connections

The National Energy Education Development (NEED) Project offers free curriculum resources for each grade level. The “Schools Going Solar” unit is designed specifically to support and incorporate installed PV systems into the classroom learning environment. We are working on a NEED solar workshop and will let teachers know when this opportunity is available. The workshop will provide detailed lessons on utilizing the data collected from the solar PV systems. Solar charging picnic tables soon will be installed at Albemarle High School, Sutherland Middle School, and the Environmental Studies Academy.

System Monitoring

Solar PV system production and weather data are available publicly through SolrenView. You may search each school site by name or use the direct hyperlinks below:

Under each project’s “Site Analytics” tab, you can select a range of output based on various time frames and by inverter, meter, or from the weather station.

Solar Statistics

Please contact Lindsay Snoddy if you would like additional information about the systems or the Solar Power Purchase Agreement.