In a Community’s Most Difficult Moments: A Guide for Educators

Bernard HairstonDear Colleagues:

The impact from the events of this past weekend will continue to be felt well into the future. Many of the comments in the media this week referred to these events as being a teachable moment. I know all of you are thinking deeply about how you will engage students around this topic when they return to the classroom next Wednesday.

The joint message from Drs. Moran and Atkins set the tone and framework for our response. In our public comments to the media this week, we have emphasized that our highest priority is providing all students and staff with a safe environment for learning. We have focused on aligning classroom activities with our core values of excellence, young people, respect and community, as well as the benefits that come from culturally responsive teaching strategies.

As an important contributor to our professional learning communities, I hope you will not hesitate to talk with your principal regarding any of your concerns or suggestions on the role and the classroom responsibilities of educators in responding to the events of last weekend.

Looking forward, and in order to provide you with as much support as possible, we have compiled a list of well-respected research and counseling resources* to assist you with your preparation for the new year: Visit our online Guide for Educators »


Dr. Bernard Hairston
Executive Director of Community Engagement

*These resources also are accessible on the ACPS website, in the “Spotlight” section of the Staff homepage.