Powerful Accessibility Tool Now Available for All Students & Educators

Co:Writer UniversalAll ACPS educators and students now have access to a powerful accessibility tool called Co:Writer, which is designed to help learners of all ages have word prediction to support all aspects of the curriculum. Co:Writer is both a Chrome internet browser extension and desktop app that provides on-demand word prediction as well as audio representation of those words. This application allows support for students to engage with any digital text that they create—on a website in any browser or in any digital writing tool. Watch a demo »

Co:Writer’s primary function is to use grammar, vocabulary, and smart word prediction to help students better express their ideas in writing across devices. And now, built-in speech recognition adds an entirely new way of getting ideas out!

The software has been “pushed” by DART to all Windows 10 and Mac laptops in the division. It sometimes can take a little while for “pushed” software to install on all laptops, so please log a ticket if you have restarted your computer and are still having trouble accessing the software.

Want to learn about Co:Writer? Check out the following resources: