Upcoming Learning Tech Opportunities – Enroll Now!

Upcoming Learning Tech OpportunitiesIn the spring semester, teachers will have the opportunity to partner with the Learning Technology Team in several ongoing learning experiences. These courses will increase instructional capacity in small learning cohorts and foster a sense of community throughout the district.

We can’t wait to learn alongside you in our upcoming MakerEd, Digital Media, Personalized Learning, and Google Educator Certification courses. Enrollment is now open through the Spring Opportunities site!

Pathways for Infusing MakerEd in ACPS Classrooms | Mar. 1, 6, 15, 22, 26, 29
This class will provide an introduction to implementing MakerEd activities in K-12 classrooms. Participants will discover how MakerEd—the process of learning while participating in hands-on, open-ended challenges—supports standards-based instruction and relevant objectives. In addition to a general overview, participants will have the opportunity to select specific MakerEd strands of personal interest, learn with experts, and then implement a lesson with coaching and support. The five strands include: Physical Computing & Mechatronics, Cardboard Challenges, Engineering Projects, Paper Making, and 3D Printing & Design.

Video Media Deep Dive | Mar. 15
Audio Media Deep Dive | Mar. 19
Visual Media Deep Dive | Mar. 27
Are you excited to learn about digital media skills like making your own podcast, creating flipped classroom instructional materials, or creating custom infographics that vibrantly display student-generated data? If any of these opportunities appeal to you, then the ACPS Learning Tech Team invites you to learn alongside us in one of three Digital Media Deep Dives being offered this spring. Learn more about this opportunity here

Starbucks, Netflix & Learning: Why Personalization Matters | Apr. 12,  26
One of the biggest goals for educators is to make learning match the needs, skills and interests of our students. This course prepares teachers to better understand student needs, how to define and apply personalized learning concepts, and how to craft personalized learning experiences in their classrooms. Participants will explore digital and other resources on knowing students, assessment strategies, and instructional structures.

Google Educator Level 1 Certification | Feb. 6, 13, 20, 27 & Mar. 6, 13, 20
Google Educator Certification Level 2 | Apr. 17, 24 & May 1, 8
Google’s rich collection of educational tools has been available for schools for about a decade, yet most of us only use a small fraction of these tools in our classrooms. This course is not just a “click here” approach to tech tools, but rather a “here’s how you can instructionally use this in your classroom tomorrow” learning tech deep dive. Learners will meet weekly with a small cohort and work through a series of instructional challenges that align with Google’s certification process and our own TPA rubric.