benefitsFOCUS: More good news for medical plan participants – upcoming change to premium rates

benefitsFOCUSWhat’s the BIG news?

We are pleased to announce that we will be reducing medical premiums to plan year 2016-2017’s rates. This change will be effective for the month of March through the end of the current plan year (September). You will first see this reduction to your premiums in your February earnings statement.

Why are we having a reduction to these rates?

With the changes we have made to the medical plan over the last few years (including our switch to Anthem) and lower medical claims last year than projected (along with continued strong performance of our plan), we can lower our premiums for the remainder of this plan year while maintaining the sustainability of our self-funded medical plan. If you would like to review these rates, see our Medical Premium Changes.

What should I do?

Please carefully review your February earnings statement to verify the change to your rates. You can access your earning statements on Greenshades. (If you need assistance logging in to Greenshades, please email If you have questions about your February earnings statement (including your deduction information), please email for assistance.

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