12-Month Pay Schedule for All Employees Goes Into Effect July 1

Albemarle County LogoAt their May 10 meeting, the School Board approved placing all employees on a 12-month pay schedule effective July 1. This unification of pay schedules for all employees will make it easier and more efficient to process compensation and benefits for the entire organization.

Approximately 450 employees, who currently are paid on either a 10- or 11-month schedule, will be impacted by this change. While their overall compensation in unaffected, their current monthly take home pay beginning in August or September will decline.

Employees were sent an email from Human Resources and Finance on May 15 that explained these changes and included a link to financial planning services being offered by the County’s bank, Bank of America, to help them adjust to this new schedule. The following information provides additional details on this change.

Reasons for the change:

  • This change represents another step in improving organization-wide efficiencies, such as employee onboarding, benefits enrollment, and payroll processing.
  • With the change to a mandatory 12-pay schedule, health and dental benefits rates will be simplified and easier for employees to understand.

Please contact your HR Generalist if you have any questions or concerns.