Compass Update: Notification of New Posts Is Changing

Compass LogoDear Compass Subscribers,

Beginning Tuesday, November 6, all Albemarle County Public Schools (ACPS) employees will receive notification of new Compass posts via email. Our goals are to expand the reach of our division communications and streamline our messaging, so we are discontinuing our subscription option and moving to an auto-enroll format.

Why are we making this change?

The Office of Strategic Communications launched the current version of the Division Compass (“Compass”) in September 2013 as a subscription-based news blog. Over half of ACPS employees now subscribe to the Compass; however, many of our non-subscribers do not regularly access Compass posts and subsequently miss important information. This results in the need to share division communications through multiple channels, which means that some of you receive two or more copies of the same message. A primary goal of this change is to decrease message duplication.

Also, in our continuing efforts to improve employee engagement, and ultimately organizational effectiveness, we want to ensure that as many employees as possible are receiving division communications.

What will change for current subscribers?

If you are an ACPS employee or a member of the Human Resources distribution list in Outlook, almost nothing will change. Instead of receiving notifications of new Compass posts from a WordPress email address, you will receive notifications from an internal “k12albemarle” address. The primary difference is that there will be no option to unsubscribe from future notifications, as mandated by division leadership.

If you are not an ACPS employee or a member of the Human Resources distribution list in Outlook and you would like to continue to receive notification of new Compass posts, please fill out the Compass Subscription Form, and you will be added to the email distribution list.

Provide Feedback or Submit an Article

As always, if you have a suggestion or constructive comment that might help us improve the Compass or better meet the needs of our employees, we’d love to hear from you! You may provide feedback through the Compass site.

Also, if you have useful, interesting or celebratory information to share with your colleagues, we invite you to submit an article to the Compass. (Submissions will be reviewed by the Office of Strategic Communications.)

Thank You

Whether you subscribed to the Compass yesterday or five years ago, thank you for engaging with us! We want to keep you connected to important, interesting and helpful information, and it is our continuing hope to deliver those messages to you in the most relevant and accessible format.


The Office of Strategic Communications Team