Welcome to the Compass

Compass LogoIn case you’re unfamiliar, the Division Compass (or “Compass” for short) is a communication tool intended to keep Albemarle County Public Schools (ACPS) employees apprised of important, interesting and helpful information. The primary goal of the Compass is to improve employee engagement, and ultimately organizational effectiveness.

For the last five years, the Compass has existed as an online, subscription-based news blog. In accordance with direction provided by division leadership, the Compass is discontinuing its subscription option; beginning today, all ACPS employees will receive notification of new Compass posts via email.

Our goals for this change are to expand the reach of our division communications and streamline our messaging. If you are a past subscriber and wondering what this change means for you, check out the Compass Update posted on November 5.

Some helpful Compass tips (especially for newcomers):

  • We have some great info to share … but you won’t care about everything we post. Let’s face it: Appealing simultaneously to nearly 2,600 dynamic individuals is a tall order. If we think many of you will find the content useful or interesting, we share it.
  • The Compass is easily accessible. There is no login required … simply click on the link in the email notification or visit compass.k12albemarle.org from any device with an internet connection.
  • The Compass is current. We don’t wait to share important information with you … as soon as we get it, so will you. We try to limit posts to one per day; however, it’s occasionally important for us to send a second message.
  • The Compass is searchable and relevant. To find a specific post, simply enter a keyword or phrase in the Search box. Or, you can choose a category to filter posts by an area of interest, like benefits and compensation, educational resources, grants and contests, professional development, superintendent messages, and more.

We’re thrilled to connect (or reconnect) with all of you! If you have a suggestion or constructive comment that might help us improve the Compass or better meet your needs, we encourage you to provide feedback through the Compass site. Also, if you have useful, interesting or celebratory information to share with your colleagues, we invite you to submit an article to the Compass.


The Office of Strategic Communications Team