Inclement Weather: Annual Reminders for Employees

School ClosingsIt appears the inclement weather season is upon us. Special thanks to the Transportation Services Road Assessment Team, who wakes early and braves potentially hazardous road conditions in order to help the school division make safe choices for our students and staff.

Do you know how the school division makes and communicates scheduling decisions during inclement weather? Check out the Closings & Delays web page for all the details! In the meantime, here’s a quick reference:

Fastest Ways to Find Out About School Schedule Changes:

  • Call the School Schedule Hotline: 434-296-5886
  • Receive an alert via email and/or phone from the Electronic School Notification System: Enroll now »

12-Month Employees

School Board Policy GCQC, Coverage of Schools Due to Weather and/or Emergency, gives the superintendent or designee the ability to determine if inclement weather warrants a schedule change for 12-month employees. The policy also addresses liberal leave (see GCQC-AP, Section II).

For each weather event that affects the school schedule, the superintendent will provide guidance to 12-month employees regarding expectations for reporting to work. Minimally, this guidance will be communicated on the Closings & Delays web page and the School Schedule Hotline (434-296-5886).

As a reminder, local government and school division classified staff are no longer treated the same in the case of closures due to inclement weather.

Emergency Personnel

All Building Services employees and custodians not assigned to Building Services are “emergency personnel” and are expected to report to work, regardless of weather.

Professional Development Classes

All professional development classes are automatically canceled if school is closed or dismisses early due to inclement weather. At that point, the instructor is responsible for working with participants to make up the instructional time at a later date.