Elementary and High School Performance Task Administration Window: April 8-19


The window for elementary and high school performance task administration will be open April 8-19 this year. All tasks for each grade level must be administered during this window. Access the performance task materials »

What’s new?

  • Tasks have been revised for grades 2, 4, 9 and 11.
  • Each grade level has only one ACPS Performance Task.
  • Content-area identifiers have been removed: Tasks will no longer be referred to as a “science” task or a “math” task and are designed to reflect Lifelong Learner Competencies.
  • Tasks will be administered as a grade-level/school testing event much like the SOLs or PSATs.

What are ACPS Performance Tasks?

Annual, division‐level administration of ACPS Performance Tasks provides information on student development of the skills and understandings needed to be a Lifelong Learner across grade levels and content areas. This element of student performance brings balance to the current ACPS assessment matrix and guarantees that all students are assessed on skills and understandings beyond the Virginia Standards of Learning by measuring ACPS Lifelong-Learner Competencies.

Administration and Scoring


Students should have access to any IEP, 504 or ESOL accommodations to which they are entitled. Additionally, students are permitted to all use Snap and Read or similar programs from the accommodations suite for any performance task. Students also may utilize speech-to-text resources for their responses. Teachers are encouraged to share the rubrics with students ahead of time.

English Learners (ESOL)

In an effort to provide English Learners (ELs) with equal access to show what they can do as well as have the same school experiences as their peers, we are providing the following guidelines for the administration of the division-level performance tasks to ELs:

  • All ELs should receive their accommodations on the tasks per their SOL accommodation plan.
  • Elementary Schools: Classroom and ESOL teachers should collaborate on the type of administration that will support student success (in the classroom, with the ESOL teacher, etc.)
  • High Schools: ESOL Levels 1 and 2 students may prefer to complete performance tasks with their ESOL teacher. We have adapted the Grade 10 Polygon tasks for newly-arrived students.

9th Grade Task

The 9th grade task will be administered in Illuminate. All 9th grade students have been added into the testing roster centrally. Do not add your students to the testing roster.

Alert: For questions 7-9, students likely will need to copy a url from the question stem and paste it into a browser.