Kronos Is Coming in Phases: When & How to Get Ready

Kronos Time and Attendance

Kronos, our new time and attendance system, is coming! To help our school division employees, timekeepers and supervisors learn to use the system effectively, we will begin implementation using a three-phased approach:

Phase I – October 19: Implementation for Broadus Wood Elementary School, Building Services, Department of Technology, Fiscal Services, Superintendent’s Office and selected central office departments, and Sutherland Middle School

Phase II – mid-November: Implementation for all other ACPS schools and departments

Phase III – mid-December: Payroll integration

Building new habits takes time—and we know this. We’ve learned from other employers that it can take 2-3 months before the new becomes the new normal.

What do I need to do to get ready for Kronos?

Visit the ACPS Time and Attendance web page to access online training modules (voice-over included) for:

  • Non-Exempt Employees (those of you who currently log your time daily)
  • Exempt Employees
  • Teachers

These slides are full of helpful information on how to use the Kronos system. We expect all employees to complete the appropriate online module prior to the go-live date for your school/department.

Important notes about the training modules:

  • Non-exempt employees should be able to complete the module in 1½ hours.
  • Exempt employees and teachers should be able to complete the module in an hour.
  • You may review your training module all at one time or take your time over multiple sessions.
  • You can revisit the training modules as often as you would like.
  • Within your module, you may click on the sound icon on each slide, which may be particularly helpful when there is a lot of information, plus you have access to speaker notes that give more detail.
  • On the last slide, be sure to verify that you completed the training.

While you are there, be sure listen to the message about Kronos from our Superintendent, Dr. Haas!

You can practice using Kronos!

We have created a “sandbox” that will allow you to practice using Kronos on a site that mirrors the live site. The sandbox will allow you to “play” within the system without impacting live data. We encourage you to do this to become familiar with the system.

What else can I do to get ready for this change?

Besides reviewing the appropriate online module, simply be prepared to be patient with yourself; be patient with your supervisor; and finally, be patient with the time and attendance system as we all form new habits that will replace old ones. One thing is guaranteed: We WILL get there … and we’ll get there together.

What if I have questions?

If you have questions, feel free to email