Kronos: Helpful Tips for Phase II Implementation

Kronos Time and Attendance

Phase II will launch on November 16! All regular full- and part-time employees who were not part of the Kronos Phase I implementation will begin using the new time and attendance system on Saturday, November 16.

Getting Ready

  1. Make sure you’ve completed your training module. All employees who are going live with Kronos in Phase II should complete their training module by Friday, November 15. You can access the online training modules on the Time and Attendance website.
  2. If you will be logging time, you’ll want to complete the Biometric Device Registration. This will be held at your site on November 18.
  3. Download the mobile app. Phase I users have shared that the app is really easy to use. You won’t be able to use it until November 16, but you can use these links to download it ahead of time:
  4. Practice in the Kronos Testing Sandbox. We encourage all regular full- and part-time staff to log into the sandbox site to start familiarizing yourselves with how the system works.
  5. Bookmark the Documentation Center. This is a great place to turn when you need specific instructions.
  6. Review the archive of Kronos-related posts in the Compass.
  7. Check out responses to frequently asked questions.

Important Dates to Remember

  • Biometric Device Registration: Members of the Department of Technology will be doing the biometric device registration at each location on Monday, November 18. We will share scheduling specifics next week.
  • Time cards: You’ll need to approve your time card each Monday. We recommend that you set a recurring calendar reminder for a specific time each Monday as a reminder.

Helpful Tips

(from those who implemented Kronos in Phase I)

  • For supervisors approving leave requests: You may find the user interface is easier and more intuitive on the mobile app than the dashboard.
  • For non-exempt employees: The mobile app or biometric device are the quickest ways to log time in/out.
  • For anyone submitting a leave request: Don’t forget to pick the type of leave you’re requesting in the “Pay code” field. Don’t leave it at the default “1-Select Leave Code” option.


As we move to this new system, it will take some time for all of us to feel proficient in how to use it. We ask that you be patient with yourself, your supervisor, and your time keepers as we’re all learning together. Also, be patient with the Time and Attendance system as we all get acquainted with it and form the new habits that will replace the old ones. One thing is guaranteed: We WILL get there … and we’ll get there together.