Greenshades Survey: Please Participate by Dec. 20


Key leaders in Albemarle County Local Government and Public Schools are partnering with County Information Technology Departments to strengthen our organization’s defenses against cyber liability attacks. Phishing scams attempt to gain access to employee email and Greenshades accounts where employees can access their payroll information. In order to help strengthen our system defenses against these attacks, Greenshades permits users to enable two-factor authentication.

Please participate in a brief, six-question survey to help us determine if we should use two-factor authentication for Greenshades. Please respond by Friday, December 20: Take the survey »

Two-factor authentication works this way:

  • A person enters username and password to log in.
  • Greenshades then sends a code through text message to the employee’s cell phone.
  • The employee enters that code, which helps ensure that only the person with access to Greenshades and the corresponding cell phone number will be able to access private information.