Schoology Parent Access

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On Tuesday, April 14, the Department of Technology created a Schoology parent account for all middle and high school parents/guardians who had a PowerSchool parent account. These accounts will allow parents/guardians to see any learning materials, upcoming assignments, and completed work for their student that has been posted by their student’s teacher in Schoology.

Parents/guardians received an email from Schoology with their Schoology parent username and initial password. Parents/guardians can also find this information on the Schoology Parent page in the PowerSchool parent portal. A ​guide to Getting Started With Your Schoology Parent Account has been posted to the Parents page on the ACPS website.

Parents/guardians have been directed to contact their child’s teacher with questions about content in Schoology. If they need assistance accessing their Schoology parent account, they should call the ACPS Department of Technology Service Desk at 434-975-9444. ACPS staff members with questions about Schoology parent accounts should contact their LTI or LMS Support.