Asynchronous Friday Optional Seesaw Resources

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The ACPS Asynchronous Activity Bank can now be accessed via the Seesaw School/District lesson bank.

What it is:

  • Instructional coaches and talent development resource teachers will create and maintain this activity bank to support asynchronous learning on Fridays. These Seesaw activities can serve as the entire learning plan for Friday or supplement plans you have in place.
  • These activities do not require teachers’ feedback in Seesaw. (This differs from the expectations in spring 2020.) They are designed to help your students reflect on or review the week (Looking Back), prepare for the week ahead (Looking Ahead), and take a moment to be introspective (Looking Inward). They will also help you and students build connections and could be shared in Morning Meeting.
  • The first two weeks of activities focus on “Who I Am and Who We Are.” In the following weeks, designers will try to align to content in division pacing guides.

How to use it:

  • If you have already set up a slide deck for Friday, you can link these into your slides or Bitmoji classroom. You can also simply choose the Seesaw activities you like and assign them to your class for Friday.
  • Be sure to read through each activity before you select it to ensure that your students will be ready to do the task. For example, it might use a function you need to introduce, like a blog.
  • Please bookmark the link to the ACPS Asynchronous Friday Optional Seesaw Resources spreadsheet, as it will be updated weekly with new activities.
  • Teachers should use their discretion and knowledge of their students in deciding how many activities to assign.