Green Workday Standard Operating Procedure

Green WorkdayOn Friday, March 28, 2014, the school division will offer eligible employees the opportunity to participate in a “Green Workday.” School staff will commute via internet and telephone. Buildings will be in “weekend mode,” with reduced use of heating and air conditioning, fuel, and electricity. Students will not be attending school.

A green workday benefits organizations, employees and the community. Organizations that provide employees with the opportunity to work from home on occasion report that they see improvements in employee productivity, engagement and morale. Organizations also benefit from cost savings associated with reduced utility expenses. Employees eliminate the time they otherwise spend on commuting; they work from a comfortable home environment; and they often broaden their learning opportunities through the use of various technologies. The reduction in cars on the road helps the community to reduce pollution and traffic congestion.

For March 28 to be a successful workday, supervisors should meet with their employee groups based on classification to make plans for the day. Discussing the day during a staff meeting and then following up with individuals and teams to plan ahead is the most effective way for each of us to benefit from this relatively unique allocation of work time. Considerations for employee classifications are outlined here:

  • No staff member is required to telecommute. Building premises will be open; however, all utilities such as heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC), and general lighting will be operating in the reduced “weekend mode.”
  • Employees may take leave for the day by submitting a leave form in advance.
  • Site supervisors should provide, within reason, the proper technology and access to work materials for employees.

Bus drivers and cafeteria staff would not normally be working on March 28. This will not change. Custodial and building service staff, by nature of their responsibilities, are not eligible to telecommute. Office associates and other clerical staff should plan with their site supervisors for how they will fulfill their work time and requirements from home.

Teachers and administrative staff should meet with their site supervisors to plan how they will use the workday to fulfill their regular workday responsibilities.

Thank you for your cooperation and support as Albemarle County Public Schools joins many other private and public sector organizations that offer employees a “Green Day” opportunity.