30-Day FREE Membership at ACAC!

Move2Health LogoMove2Health has partnered with ACAC to get you moving! For a limited time, you can get 30 days of membership for free at ACAC!

Currently not a member? You can get 30 days of membership for free if you move 480 minutes at ACAC, but you must get started by December 15.

Already a member? Join the Albemarle County team, move 480 minutes at ACAC, and win prizes! The School Employee Challenge runs December 1 – January 1. Join the challenge and start logging minutes here.

Interested? Just call or stop by any ACAC location to learn more.

This message is brought to you by Albemarle County’s employee wellness program, BeWell Albemarle, whose mission is to provide opportunities to understand and follow an active lifestyle that promotes a culture of good health and wellness through education, wellness activities, and self-improvement.