Payroll Clarity Project News

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The Payroll Clarity Project team would like to provide you with a few updates before Winter Break. Please keep reading for information about enrolling in our new payroll processing system, making changes to 403b/457 deferred compensation elections, and a special summer savings opportunity for 10- and 11-month employees.

Enroll in ADP

On January 3, 2022, each ACPS employee will receive an email from This email will contain a unique-to-you registration code that you will use to create an account with ADP, our new payroll processing system. Every ACPS employee will need to complete this registration process in order to access their payroll information. Continue reading

Are You Registered to Receive Messages Through Our Mass Communication System?

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Albemarle County Public Schools uses an Electronic School Notification System (ESNS) to share important information with our school community (including parents/guardians, employees, and students*) through voice, email and text messaging. We currently use a company called BrightArrow to provide this service.

As an employee, your email address is automatically enrolled in our ESNS system. Did you know that you can also add a personal email address and up to two phone numbers? Also, new this school year, employees can register to receive text messages. You can visit the Employees tab of our Electronic School Notification System web page and click on the web-based update tool to review, update, enroll or unenroll your contact information. Continue reading