Welcome Back from Technology!

Technology Team

The Department of Technology welcomes you back and looks forward to an awesome year with you! We have been busy this summer! Here are some updates and reminders regarding LTI and TSS assignments, passwords, laptops, and how to get the help you need:

  • We adjusted some LTI and TSS building assignments for this school year. Not all assignments are changing—the only ones that are changing were purposeful. View the 2019-2020 TSS and LTI assignments »
  • We adjusted some password parameters for staff. New this year is an eight-character password requirement. Did you know that we have a self-password portal that you can use to self-manage your password? This is especially helpful since your password must be changed every 90 days. Remember, our department will never ask you for your password. Please do not share this information with anyone.
  • Our TSS staff has worked hard to prepare all new laptops as well as image existing laptops this summer. Remember: All staff laptops must be reimaged prior to October 1, 2019. If you have not had your laptop reimaged, please make sure you make arrangements with your assigned TSS. If you are due for a laptop replacement, your TSS will be in touch to deliver your new computer and retrieve your old one. ACPS has a four-year replacement cycle for all staff laptops.
  • This year’s laptop image is designed to make your assigned laptop run smoothly and boot up quickly. The most popular software titles will be pre-installed on your assigned laptop; if you need a software title that is not installed on your computer, we have created a self-service resource.
  • We want to know if you need assistance! Please don’t hesitate to contact us! You can reach our Service Desk three ways: (1) Email the Service Desk at servicedesk@k12albemarle.org, which automatically creates a ticket; (2) Log a Service Desk ticket; or (3) Call the Service Desk at 434-975-9444 or extension 15004.

We look forward to partnering with you to make this a great school year!