New Web Design & Content Management System Coming in Summer 2020


In response to feedback from students, parents, employees, and community members, ACPS will transition to a new web design and content management system this summer! We’re excited for this opportunity to enhance communications and engagement with our school communities.

After several years with SharePoint as our web design and content management provider, ACPS has decided to move its public-facing internet content to Finalsite. We feel that Finalsite is a company truly focused on meeting our needs, plus their web product ensures accessibility compliance; supports mobile-ready website development; and delivers a modern, visually appealing design with added functionality. Not only will this shift improve both internal and public access to our web content, but it also will deliver a simpler, more user-friendly interface for our web editors. (Internal intranet content will continue to be managed in SharePoint.)

Over the next month, our Web and Social Media Specialist, Lorenzo Dickerson, will reach out to principals and division-level department heads to schedule appointments to review and prepare existing web content for this transition. Stay tuned for more information about this exciting change and how it will affect YOU!

The project committee will continue to provide progress updates on this project. In the meantime, if you have questions, please contact Lorenzo Dickerson.