Annual Leave Overflow Process Update

Man Working and Daydreaming of Vacation

With the disruptions to personal and work schedules related to the COVID-19 pandemic, we realize that many employees are not in the position to use annual leave at this time in order to avoid losing leave above the 320-hour maximum accrual cap set in Policy GCC, Leave Program. Effective immediately, we are temporarily disabling the conversion of annual leave at/above 320 hours that normally occurs at the end of an employee’s birth month, allowing those with birthdays in March, April, and onward extra time to use overflow annual leave. This does not change any other policy regarding annual leave or annual leave payout maximums.

This will be in effect until further notice. Once we are able to resume more normal schedules, travel restrictions are eased, etc., we will issue additional guidance regarding options available to employees who have annual leave balances in excess of 320 hours. Questions regarding this message should be directed to