February 4 School Board Presentation: Stage 4 Recommendation

Dr. Haas Recommends Move to Stage 4

As a reminder, at the School Board meeting on February 4, Superintendent Haas recommended to the Board that the division progress to Stage 4 of our Return to School plan beginning March 1. Under this proposal, students in Grades PK-3 would attend school four days a week, and students in Grades 4-12 would attend school two days per week. The School Board will vote on the recommendation during their next meeting on February 11.

In case you missed the February 4 meeting, we wanted to provide links to the full video recording as well as the slideshow presented that evening and references for the data and issues discussed by Dr. Vergales.

To help you navigate the video recording, please see the following timestamps:

  • 04:00 | Start of “Stage 4 Recommendation” presentation
  • 04:55 | Stage 4 Overview
  • 06:17 | Interim Guidance from the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE)  in collaboration with the Virginia Department of Health (VDH)
  • 06:51 | VDOE: Five Steps to Guide Reopening Decisions: Steps 1-3
  • 13:13 | Local Health Professionals
    • 14:00 | Ryan McKay, Director of Policy and Planning, Blue Ridge Health District
    • 16:46 | Dr. Jeff Vergales, Pediatric Cardiologist and Associate Professor, University of Virginia
  • 28:42 | VDOE: Five Steps to Guide Reopening Decisions: Steps 4-5
  • 35:04 | Stage 4 Decision Timeline
  • 36:37 | Superintendent’s Recommendation
  • 37:35 | Question-and-Answer Session

References for the health and safety topics discussed by Dr. Vergales: