Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Related Supplies for Staff

face masks

As we move into Stage 4, we wanted to send a reminder of the personal protective equipment (PPE) and related supplies available to staff. Please review the ACPS COVID-19 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Protocol (ACPS Google login required) for details on PPE available to staff as well as PPE care and use.

The following PPE is available to all staff members through the School Supply Liaison at each school or your department head:

  • Reusable cloth face coverings
  • KN95 masks*
  • Reusable face shields
  • Reusable goggles
  • Disposable masks

ACPS will also supply the following supplies to students and visitors, as needed:

  • Reusable cloth face coverings
  • Disposable masks (on school buses and in front offices)

*KN95 masks provide effective respiratory protection from airborne particles and aerosols and help contain the wearer’s respiratory emissions. Staff who opt to wear a KN95 mask must read Section 5 of the ACPS COVID-19 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Protocol, “Voluntary Use of KN95 or N95 Respirators.”