DPLC Schedule for Jan. 24


Teachers: We are looking forward to Division Professional Learning Community (DPLC) meetings on Tuesday, January 24. Click here to open the schedule for the day.

Elementary Teachers: During our January DPLC meetings, we will be looking at an investigation lesson together that we will all try to do before the February 20 DPLC meetings. If you are ahead and have already done the lesson, don’t worry; you will still be able to participate in our work! If you are behind and aren’t sure you will get to that lesson in time, the same applies: You will still be able to participate and use the work for that and future lessons. If you want to look ahead at the lesson we will be discussing, the units are listed below by grade level:

  • Kindergarten: Unit 5, Investigation 1.2
  • 1st Grade: Unit 5, Investigation 2.1
  • 2nd Grade: Unit 5, Investigation 2.1
  • 3rd Grade: Unit 5, Investigation 1.1
  • 4th Grade: Unit 5, Investigation 3.3
  • 5th Grade: Unit 5, Investigation 2.2