Ready to Apply for a Grant?

Following these steps will help you develop a strong application:


Phase 1 – Purpose & Assurances

  1. Before you apply for a grant, make sure your idea or activity aligns with the division’s strategic plan.
  2. If you answer “Yes” to any of the following questions, contact Helen Dunn ( before you proceed:
    • Will the grant have school-wide or division-wide impact?
    • Does the grant exceed $5,000?
    • Does the grant require the school division to contribute funds?
  3. If the grant includes purchasing or receiving new technology, contact Kley Todd (, Assistant Director for Technology Integration, before you proceed.


Phase 2 – The Application

  1. When you’re ready to develop your grant application, start by building a budget. Here’s an Excel template to help you get started.
  2. Submit your budget for review and approval to
  3. Once you have a budget, write your proposal or complete the grant application.
    • Successful grant proposals generally request financial assistance for programs, experiences, or opportunities for students, rather than stuff.
    • A strong grant proposal shows a potential funder what students will be doing and how they will benefit, should the grant be awarded.
    • Unsuccessful grant proposals often include expenses for food or construction, which is unattractive to most funders.


Phase 3 – Implementation & Reporting

  1. Congratulations, you’ve been awarded a grant! Forward a copy of the award letter to Fiscal Services. (Either send a hard copy through the Pony or email an electronic copy to
    • It can take up to 45 days for your grant funds to become available.
    • Your grant will be assigned to a Grant Manager, who will contact you when your funds are available.
    • If the award check comes to you, forward the original check to Fiscal Services (Attn: Grant Manager).
  2. Spend the money.
    • Returning grant funds is not only embarrassing, but it also decreases the chances a funder will work with us in the future and creates unnecessary work for Fiscal Services.
    • Send invoices, payroll material, and any original receipts to your Grant Manager.

Please direct general questions about grants or the grant process to Helen Dunn, Deputy Public Affairs and Strategic Communications Officer, at or (434) 975-9452.