VDOE Licensure Requirements

VDOE LogoAttention all ACPS employees who hold a Virginia Teaching License:

1. As you are aware, your Virginia teaching license must be renewed every five years. Current Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) regulations require all teachers to complete 4-6 mandatory training requirements each time they renew their license. This is recent change. The required mandatory trainings vary based on endorsement area. Regardless of endorsement area, all teachers must complete the following:

Many will need to complete the Virginia State and Local Civic Education Module.

School Counselors must complete a Mandatory School Counselor Training.

ACPS currently is working to update the Technology requirements by developing an online module that a teacher will use to demonstrate proficiency on the state standards. Anyone renewing their license this school year will have the option of participating in a pilot of the development of that online module or use the current form/expectations to meet the requirement. Beyond the 2018 renewals, all teachers will be required to use the new module.

2. All licensed employees should be receiving an updated Recertification Progress Report with recertification points updated as of the end of the first quarter. Please review your report and contact Beth Churms, Licensure Specialist, via email if you have any questions. Attached are some helpful hints for submitting recertification points. You will receive these reports quarterly.

3. If your license expires in June 2018, please view the information regarding technology standards.

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Thank you for your attention in ensuring that all of these requirements are completed. Please contact Beth Churms or Clare Keiser if you have any questions regarding this information.