Implementing the 2023 Math Standards of Learning in the 2024-25 School Year

Mathematics hand drawn vector set

Elementary Teachers & Secondary Math Teachers: Product teams will work this summer to realign our pacing guides and curriculum frameworks for fully implementing the 2023 Math SOLs. For a quick look at the standards you will be teaching, visit the VDOE’s 2023 Mathematics Standards of Learning page and review the “Understanding the Standards” column of the “2024 Mathematics Standards of Learning” table. We will spend time unpacking new curriculum frameworks and pacing guides during pre-service week.

“Instructional Guides” are also available within the same table. Along with the new standards, each guide provides additional information, including: Understanding the Standard, Skills in Practice, and Concepts and Connections. This FAQ document will give you an overview of the purpose of the guides.

For teachers who want more detailed information about the changes in the math standards, check out the VDOE’s 2023 Mathematics Instructional Resources page.

Questions? Please contact Melissa Mitchem.