Do You Know Your Employee Budget Advisory Rep?

Meeting and discussion group

Did you know that we have an Employee Budget Advisory group this year? The group includes representatives from all schools and departments who provide input into next year’s budget. If you have any budget-related issues you’d like to raise, please reach out to your building’s representative(s)! Representatives will collect your input and share it with the advisory group for consideration. Here are some suggestions for providing feedback to your representatives:

  • What areas do you think are underfunded, adequately funded, or overfunded?
  • What do you think was missing from the Fiscal Year (FY) 24 budget?
  • What would you like to see in the FY 25 budget?
  • What information or updates do you wish to receive related to FY 25 budget creation?

Employee Budget Advisory Representatives

Elementary School Representatives
  • Agnor-Hurt: Leslie Genson & Lisa Cushing
  • Baker-Butler: Michelle Drago
  • Broadus Wood: Emily Elliott & Lori Beck
  • Brownsville: Courtney Wood
  • Crozet: Ruth Kirby & Trish Moya
  • Greer: Nicole Johnson
  • Hollymead: Claire Neill
  • Ivy: Amanda Sherriff & Michael Weis
  • Mountain View: Terry Graff & Pam Gardner
  • Murray: Don Healy & Jessy Reyes
  • Red Hill: Susi Page
  • Scottsville: Christina Morris
  • Stone-Robinson: Whitney Taylor& Lourdes Graves
  • Stony Point: Eddie Jackson
  • Woodbrook: Donna Allen & John Wheeler
Middle School Representatives
  • Burley: Diane Harding
  • Henley: Acadia Nunes & Alissa Layne
  • Journey: Elena McIntosh & Marquell Woodson
  • Lakeside: Tanner Benson
  • Walton: Pamela Venable & Darlene Packard
High School Representatives
  • Albemarle: William Schaffer
  • Monticello: Michael Waller
  • Western Albemarle: Joel Hartshorn & Kaitlyn Bodine
Charter School Representatives
  • Community Lab School: Elizabeth “Liz” Anderson & Ouida Powe
Departments Representatives
  • Building Services: Tiffanny Morris
  • Child Nutrition: Heather Wilkerson & Crystal Williams
  • Community Engagement: Mellisa Hairston & Rusty Carlock
  • EDEP: Lori-Ann Strait
  • English Learners: Carole Jones
  • Human Resources: Brooke Conover & Sarah Lynn
  • Instruction: Craig Dommer & Chandra Hayes
  • Fiscal Services: Anita Moore
  • Special Education: Christina Kraft
  • Strategic Planning: Jamie Gellner & Tessa Ashoff
  • Student Services: Miles Nelson
  • Technology: Meade Harris & Michael Gonyar
  • Transportation: Debbie Maupin & Starr Morris

Thank you to our representatives for taking the time to represent their buildings!

You can also engage with the budget development process by emailing and by visiting our Budget Information site.