Flex Days in 2019-20: November 4, January 21, March 3 & April 3


The following 2019-20 teacher workdays will be flex days: November 4, January 21, March 3, and April 3 (half-day). These days are designated for teachers to work on report cards, plan for instruction, and complete other tasks related to their work. On flex days, teachers may perform their work at school or another location, as their responsibilities permit.

School-based office associates and other school staff scheduled to work also may use November 4, January 21, March 3, and April 3 (half-day) as flex days, if their responsibilities permit and with the pre-approval of their principal. Please consult with your principal to determine if you need to be physically present in school or if you are able to work from another location.

Important Notes:

  • On flex days, schools will be open during regular business hours, utilities will operate on a normal schedule, and someone will be available to answer phones.
  • April 3 is a half-day for students. Teachers and school staff (with prior approval) may observe flextime after students have been dismissed and all dismissal responsibilities have been completed.
  • Flextime is not an option for June 5 or June 8.

Your principal will share more information with you regarding expectations on flex days. We hope the flexibility on these days enables you to complete your tasks in a manner that best suits you.