Safe Ways to Share & Embed YouTube Video Content

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In today’s classroom, it is more important than ever to share video content from YouTube safely. Though YouTube is a resource filled with credible and engaging content, like many other online tools, it should be used carefully and thoughtfully with students. Seesaw and Schoology provide teachers with a safe environment in which to share video content from YouTube. ACPS teachers should embed videos directly into Schoology or post videos in Seesaw via Google Slides. Not only do these strategies legally strip videos of distracting advertisements and thumbnails, they also leverage tools supported and managed directly by the Department of Technology.

Though teachers have access to SafeTube from home, this site is blocked on student computers for these reasons:

  • When used in conjunction with ACPS devices and in our network, they can be used to bypass ACPS internet filters that are required by federal law.
  • Tools like SafeTube and ViewPure are not not directly managed by ACPS and have been known to crash unexpectedly.

Below you will find a number of resources you can use to learn more about embedding videos into the adopted ACPS learning management system (Schoology or Seesaw). You can also reach out to your school’s assigned LTI or Instructional Coach for support.