2023 ACPS Employee Fundraiser Reminder

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Attention all ACPS employees! As we begin the fourth quarter of the 2022-23 school year, it is essential that we reflect on the four core values of ACPS: equity, excellence, family and community, and wellness. Affirming and empowering our community is one of the goals we have as a school division, and we are proud to work alongside many of the community organizations that serve our students, families and staff here in Albemarle County. With that in mind, we are bringing back our ACPS Employee Fundraiser this spring! This fundraiser seeks to raise funds from our employees to support a local nonprofit that is important to our ACPS family and aligns with our core values. This year, we hope to include some of our student-run projects as well, like empowerHER and Cville Sock Love.

How It Works

This fundraiser is simple:

  1. By by 1 p.m. on Friday, April 14, employees can use our ACPS Employee Fundraiser 2023 Nomination Form to suggest a local nonprofit organization that aligns with our four core values.
  2. As a division, we will vote on the organization we will support this year.
  3. Employees will have opportunities to show their school spirit and donate $1 or more to our fundraiser.
  4. We will announce the total amount raised in May.

Our Fundraising Goal

If every employee donates just $1, we could raise $2,648! When we held this fundraiser in 2020, we raised $4,894 for our very own Families in Crisis Program. Let’s see if we can reach the $5,000 mark this year! A donation of that amount could go a very long way toward helping one of our community organizations or student-run projects.

Nomination Form

Please submit your nomination form by this Friday, April 14, at 1 p.m.