Your ACPS Human Resources Department

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As you may be aware, on July 1, 2022, Albemarle County Public Schools established a Human Resources Department focused exclusively on serving ACPS employees. Previously, Human Resources provided HR services to the school division and Albemarle County Government. This redesign has permitted our HR team to focus on needs specific to school employees and innovate in areas of policy and hiring. While ACPS still receives payroll services from Albemarle County Government’s Department of Finance & Budget, HR works closely with Payroll to address employee concerns. Human Resources’ mission statement is:

Albemarle County Public Schools Human Resources recruits, supports, and develops employees to ensure Learning for All.

We strive to make our mission a reality for all employees. We want to be sure every employee knows how to reach Human Resources when they need assistance, and that they feel comfortable doing so. Over the course of the next few months, we will share information through the Compass about our various HR teams and how each works to support employees, with the goal of helping you know who to contact to achieve resolution quickly.

One of the most exciting outcomes of the HR redesign is the creation of our Employee Service Center (ESC). Our ESC team is your first-stop resource for HR-related needs. Our service center is the first place most newly-hired employees interact with Human Resources, as ESC team members process employees for onboarding and assist with initial employment questions.

The ESC curates our Human Resources SharePoint site, an internal site that houses a wealth of information relevant to employees, such as benefits, pay scales, wellness and safety, workers compensation, an HR team directory, and more. We encourage you to explore this resource to learn the types of information housed there, so you can always find the information you need, when you need it!

The ESC also handles employment verifications. If you need your salary or employment verified for a rental application, a mortgage lender, or public service loan forgiveness, simply email the request and paperwork from your ACPS email to Requests are handled in the order in which they are received, and we work to provide what you need promptly.

ESC Supervisor Devynn Banks and ESC Specialists Loren Hawkins, Madeline Harding, and Alice Onyango are here to assist you! You can reach them by emailing or by calling 434-296-5827. They can answer many questions related to your employment, and if ever a service center member is unable to answer your question, they will connect you with another HR team member who can delve deeper into the issue to provide you with the service you need.

Whatever questions you may have, our self-service Human Resources SharePoint site and the ESC are great resources, ready to help you with any of your HR needs!