It’s Not Too Late to Start Your Culturally Responsive Micro-Credential

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The ACPS strategic plan sets the goal for all licensed staff to earn an ACPS Culturally Responsive Teaching Certification or Micro-Credential by 2026 (or, for new teachers, within three years of hire). Currently, we have over 380 credentialed educators in the division and nearly 200 on track to finish the first of three micro-credential courses by January! Please keep reading for information about how you can register to begin micro-credentialing this year if you didn’t start in September.

Micro-Credentialing Overview

Beginning this school year, the ACPS micro-credential in Culturally Responsive Teaching is no longer a single project submission. Rather, educators will engage in three separate courses aligned with the three characteristics of the ACPS Culturally Responsive Teaching Framework. Each course requires three submissions reflecting each indicator of the characteristic. Credit for each course is independent; therefore, you may begin with the second course in January even if you did not complete the first course that began in September.

Any teacher with a record of book study completion in the Professional Learning Management System (PLMS) may register for either or both of the micro-credential courses below. Click here for an overview of what you need to know about micro-credentialing, and use the links below to register through the PLMS:

The ACPS Micro-Credential will be awarded upon completion of all three courses. Micro-Course #1: Cultural Lenses will reopen at a later date.

The following graphic represents the rationale for and progression of our Culturally Responsive Teaching pathway with the goal of every licensed staff member achieving the micro-credential by 2026 (or in the first three years of hire for new teachers):

pyramid visual depicting the CRT pathway

ACPS Equity Specialists are available to provide Professional Learning Community (PLC) and school-level support for Culturally Responsive Teaching practices and to assist in helping teachers work through the credentialing process. For support or assistance, please reach out to the specialist(s) assigned to your school or email