Announcement & Invitation: Join Us on January 26!

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Dear Colleagues,

I am excited to announce the startup of quarterly All-Welcome Meetings, an important initiative aimed at fostering continuous learning, transparency, and collaboration within our school system. These gatherings will provide a unique platform for all employees to engage directly with the superintendent and executive staff, gaining insights into the latest developments, initiatives, and future plans of the school system.

You are invited to join our first All-Welcome Meeting on Friday, January 26, from 8:30 to 10 a.m. in the Western Albemarle High School Library.

Anticipated Meeting Format

  • 8:30 — Welcome and introductions (Coffee, water and bagels will be provided.)
  • 8:40 — Hot topic: How do we staff Albemarle County Public Schools? (We’ll provide an overview of our school and department staffing standards and discuss class size determination.)
  • 9:00 — Questions and answers and feedback on the hot topic (During this time, we will also pass around a question box for attendees to submit questions and feedback for the superintendent to answer and address.)
  • 9:10 — Questions and answers from the question box (The superintendent will randomly pull submitted questions and feedback and address.)
  • 10:00 — Close meeting

Please RSVP by Jan. 23!

If you plan to attend our kickoff meeting on January 26, please RSVP by noon on Tuesday, January 23. An accurate attendee count will help us order enough refreshments. Also, whether we hold the meeting will depend on the number of participants who sign up; we would like a minimum of 30.

Meeting Priorities

Here’s why we want you to sign up and attend the meeting:

  • Facilitate Learning: Each meeting will feature informative sessions, presentations, and workshops designed to equip employees with new knowledge and skills relevant to their roles within the school system. These learning opportunities aim to enhance professional development and contribute to the overall growth of our dedicated staff. Further, information shared will often touch on ways that we are striving to improve employee working conditions while addressing challenges that impact all of us.
  • Open Dialogue: Employees will have the opportunity to engage in open discussions with the superintendent and his staff. This allows for a direct exchange of ideas, concerns, and questions, fostering a culture of transparency and mutual understanding.
  • Feedback Mechanism: Your input is crucial to our continuous improvement. These meetings serve as a platform for employees to provide valuable feedback on various aspects of the school system, including policies, procedures, and overall organizational effectiveness. Your perspectives will be instrumental in shaping the future direction of our institution.

We believe that these periodic meetings will not only strengthen communication channels, but also cultivate a sense of community and shared purpose among all members of our school system. Your active participation is encouraged as we work together to create an environment that empowers and supports each member of our educational community.

We look forward to the enriching conversations and collaborative spirit that these meetings will bring to our school system.


Superintendent Matthew Haas

Dr. Matthew Haas