Default Hours for Leave Requests in Kronos

Time and Attendance Management

Human Resources has been working to correct an issue in Kronos that allowed employees to request leave but did not require input of hours that would subtract time from the employee’s accrued leave balance. To prevent this from happening in the future, we recently applied a fix in Kronos. Beginning Monday, January 29, 2024 (the first day of the second semester), employees who are classified as exempt will see a default number of hours populate in the “Daily Amount” column or “Length” section of the leave request for each day of leave requested:

Desktop View:

  • Exempt 12-month employees: The default hours will be 8.00 hours per day of leave.
  • Exempt 10- and 11-month employees: The default hours will be 7.25 hours per day of leave (the regular daily schedule for a full-time teacher).
  • Part-time exempt employees must adjust this number of hours to their regular daily number of hours to properly apply leave.
  • Full-time teachers who wish to use a half-day of leave need to adjust the default hours to match their half-day. For example, a full-time teacher (7.25 hours) would enter 3.63 hours for a half-day of leave.

If the timecard is approved and submitted with an incorrect number of hours, it can be fixed by requesting a historical correction through your timekeeper.

Mobile App View:

As a reminder, here are instructions for Submitting a Leave Request.

This change only applies to exempt employees. Non-exempt employees (i.e., bus drivers, custodians, teacher assistants, office associates, Child Nutrition and EDEP staff, nurses, and others) do not require this fix, as Kronos will automatically shortfall any missing hours from the work week. Non-exempt employees should still be aware of the hours that are submitted to ensure that shortfall does not trigger, as shortfall counts towards our Acceptable Attendance Standards (Policy GCC, Leave Program).

Should you have any questions, please email