Insider Express – Vol. 1, Issue 25

Volume 1, Issue 25

Welcome to the last issue of Insider Express for the 2023-24 school year! Stay informed over the summer: View school board meeting agendas in ElectronicSchoolBoard; visit the School Board homepage to learn how you can participate in meetings; access recordings of school board meetings on our Meeting Recordings web page; and subscribe to TeacherDirect to receive official updates from the Virginia Department of Education.

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Board Meeting Highlights

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Following are highlights from the school board work session on May 23, 2024. You can view the full May 23 meeting agenda in ElectronicSchoolBoard (ESB). You can also watch a recording of the May 23 meeting on our YouTube page.

The next regular board meeting will take place at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, June 13, at the County Office Building on McIntire Road. The June 13 meeting agenda will soon be published in ESB.

Spotlight on Education
  1. Ayanna Mitchell, Director of Equity Education, shared (6:15 timestamp) updates from the Equity Conference held on May 18 and the division’s culturally responsive teaching (CRT) program. Mitchell introduced the ACPS team of Equity Specialists; summarized changes to the CRT program; reported the numbers of employees who have completed or are pursuing a CRT micro-credential or certification; and recognized the Equity Educators of the Year.
  2. Judy Le, School Board Chair, introduced (9:19 timestamp) the School Board Student Representatives for the 2024-25 school year.
  3. Dr. Clare Keiser, Assistant Superintendent for Organizational Development, recognized (12:18 timestamp) 65 ACPS employees who are retiring this year.
Work Session: Early Childhood Education

Lisa Molinaro, Preschool Coordinator, shared the current state of pre-K programs in ACPS; highlighted the implementation of recent pre-K accountability assessments; and introduced board members to the new statewide reporting system: Unified Virginia Quality Birth to Five System (VQB5). The work session also included a breakout session with preschool teachers.

Questions? Contact Lisa Molinaro.

Recent News

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Over the summer, visit our Newsroom to access ACPS press releases and check out our Community Messages page to read division-level messages we’ve shared with our community.

TeacherDirect Newsletter

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TeacherDirect is a weekly newsletter designed to provide a direct line of communication between the Virginia Department of Education and classroom teachers and educators. Subscribe to TeacherDirect to receive weekly updates from VDOE via email!

The VDOE has not published a new issue of TeacherDirect since May 15, which was featured in issue 24 of Insider Express.

Virginia Education Update Newsletter

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Virginia Education Update is a weekly newsletter from Dr. Coons, Superintendent of Public Instruction, that serves to communicate official information from the Virginia Department of Education to school divisions.

Since our last issue of Insider Express, the VDOE has published two Virginia Education Update bulletins, the most recent on May 23. Some highlights from the May 23 issue include:

  • ALL In VA: Help Students Catch Up and Move Forward in Math Learning This Summer with Zearn
  • Teaching & Learning: Nominations for 2024-2025 Career and Technical Education (CTE) Curriculum Review Committees
  • Teaching & Learning: Pack Your Bags for Tech-Focused ActiVAtED Learning Adventures Webinars & Podcast
  • Virginia Board of Education: Public Hearing on Revisions to the Standards of Accreditation

Some highlights from the previous May 16 issue include:

  • Teaching & Learning: May Virginia Literacy Act Updates
  • School Performance: Self, Health, and Relationship Education Consideration Guidelines
  • Early Childhood Programs: VQB5 Spring Local CLASS Observation Window – 2 Weeks Left! 
  • School Finance: Student Slots in Regional Alternative Education Program