Substitute Incentive Pay Program: Process Change

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If you participate in the Substitute Incentive Pay Program, please be advised that, as of Monday, April 19, all time worked under that program will be tracked in and paid through Kronos. Please see below for a brief summary of how this will impact you, and for more information about what you need to know, please review the Substitute Incentive Pay SOP.

  • Non-exempt employees must log out of their regular job and log back in to register time worked as a substitute as a separate shift on their timecard.
  • Teachers must confirm with their timekeeper via email the time worked as a substitute, so that the timekeeper can edit their timecard to create a separate shift.

Please direct any questions to your supervisor. Timekeepers will attend a training session on Friday, April 16, and will be an additional avenue of support. If you are new to the division and would like more information about this program, please contact Daphne Keiser.