Payroll Clarity Project: What Is Changing?

Payroll Clarity Project clock icon

As we announced in a September 2 Compass post, Albemarle County and Albemarle County Public Schools will be moving to a bi-weekly pay schedule in January 2022. The goal of the Payroll Clarity Project team is to assist all of our employees through this transition as best we can. We recognize that this is a big change that will impact all of our employees differently. This is why, from now until at least the end of January, we will be sharing information with you through the Compass about the changes that are coming and the resources that are available to help you plan for this shift. It is incredibly important that you pay attention to these messages to be ready for the payroll change.

This week, we are covering the basics of the Payroll Clarity Project: What exactly is changing? We aim to help our employees understand the basics of the project so that it’s easier to plan for the future.

Available to you is the following video presentation (click here for Spanish) explaining the basics of this transition, as well as a copy of the slide deck (also available in Spanish). Links to these materials are also provided on our Payroll Clarity Project web page.

Next week, we will take a deeper dive into how this project will impact you, and we’ll provide some worksheets to help you start looking at your monthly expenses to help you plan for this change.

More information and frequently asked questions can be found on the Albemarle County Payroll Clarity Project web page. Additionally, each school and department has a Change Champion—a designated person to help you navigate this change. Your Change Champion may be able to help answer some of your questions or help you with resources.

Stay tuned to the Compass for much more information about the payroll changes in the coming weeks!