Laptop Health Checkups Will Be Performed May 1 – June 12

Laptop Health Checkup

Beginning in May, the Department of Technology will be performing health checkups on all staff laptops, division-wide, to ensure that everyone has a safe, reliable and consistent laptop experience. During this checkup, we will make any needed hardware repairs and install the new laptop image. We dn’t want anyne t have a laptp with a missing keybard letter.

What does “install the new laptop image” mean?

Installing the new laptop image, or “reimaging” your laptop, involves a new installation of the Windows Operating System, including important security updates and a fresh install of essential software. When your laptop is returned to you, it will operate faster and more securely. The process requires a complete “wipe” of your laptop, which means that you will need to back up all of your files in advance. Any additional software will need to be re-installed as well as any printers you have installed. For assistance with this, please reach out to your school or department’s Learning Technology Integrator (LTI).

How can you prepare for and schedule your laptop health checkup?

We’ve created a checklist with directions to help you prepare before you schedule your laptop health checkup. To schedule your appointment, contact your school or department’s Technology Support Specialist (TSS). Checkups will be performed May 1 – June 12, 2023.

Again, if you need assistance with backing up your digital assets, please reach out to your school or department’s LTI. Your onsite technology team will support you every step of the way!