Windows Updates for ACPS Laptops

MS Windows 11 logo

The Department of Technology wants you to be aware that Windows will require an important update by Sunday, September 24. If the update does not have the opportunity to install by Sunday, your ACPS laptop may force a restart on Monday and then begin installing this required update. The update may take an extended time (10-30 minutes) to complete, so please plan accordingly.

Windows updates will continue to happen throughout the school year on a periodic basis. Continue reading

Center I Security Notice

Center I logo

Effective Thursday, August 31, 2023, the entry door at Center I will be locked to increase safety for students and staff at Center I. You must swipe your ACPS ID Badge at the door to unlock it. If you experience any issues, you can press the button and ring for assistance.

When attending professional development at Center I or visiting the Technology offices, please enter through the loading dock doors located at the back of the building, Suite 385 (the sign reads ACPS Deliveries 385). These building navigation directions will guide you through the spaces at Center I.

Introduction to ClassLink

ClassLink logo

The Department of Technology has partnered with the Department of Instruction to acquire a single sign-on (SSO) system called ClassLink. This system will allow teachers and students to use their ACPS username and password to log in to ClassLink LaunchPad, where they will be able to access all approved teaching and learning tools. Stay tuned for more information about ClassLink in the coming weeks! Continue reading

Reminder: Schedule Your Laptop Health Checkup by June 12

Laptop Health Checkup

Thank you to all employees who have taken the steps to complete a health checkup for your laptop! As we shared in the Compass on April 21, the Department of Technology is performing division-wide health checkups on all staff laptops to ensure that everyone has a safe, reliable laptop that is ready for next school year. If you haven’t yet scheduled your laptop checkup, please reach out to your school or department’s Technology Support Specialist (TSS) by June 12.

Before your appointment, you’ll need to back up the files on your laptop. Check out these helpful directions. If you need assistance backing up your files, contact your school or department’s Learning Technology Integrator (LTI).