ALICE Training Update

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Dear ACPS Employees,

ALICE Training is an important part of safety and security for our staff and our students. Thank you for your diligence and attention in taking part in the school-based ALICE Training during pre-service week. To date, a total of 2,461 employees have completed the eLearning component of ALICE, and 1,092 employees have completed the in-person training.

Please keep reading for information about receiving recertification points, providing training feedback, upcoming ALICE trainings, and volunteering to develop training modules for students.

How to Receive Recertification Points

Teachers: In return for completing ALICE Training, you should be able to obtain recertification credit toward the renewal of your license. ALICE Training was an internal training and will be documented in the Professional Learning Management System (PLMS). Please do not follow the procedure for external training certification. If you email a request to approve your ALICE Training, it will cause delays and confusion in the documentation of your training. Instead, please follow the steps below to receive your recertification points:

  • For in-person training, you should have registered for your school’s training session through the PLMS. If you forgot to register on the day of ALICE Training, please complete this Google Form.
  • For eLearning, do NOT submit your certificate of completion through the external credit link in the PLMS. The ALICE course completion information will be uploaded to the PLMS directly.

Training Feedback

If you have completed ALICE Training, please respond to our Anonymous ALICE Feedback Survey, if you have not already done so.

Haven’t Yet Received ALICE Training?

If you were unable to attend ALICE Training during pre-service week, or if your department has not yet offered the training, we will begin scheduling times for you to receive your training throughout the course of the school year. Our number one priority was to ensure that all school-based employees were trained prior to students returning this fall.

Interested in Developing Training Modules for Students?

We are looking for teachers who are interested in working with our Coordinator of Mental Health and Wellness, Miles Nelson, to develop training modules for our students. If you are interested in serving in this capacity, please complete this interest form.


Rosalyn Schmitt, Chief Operating Officer
Miles Nelson, Coordinator of Mental Health and Wellness
Megan Wood, Director of Professional Development