Introducing Zearn

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We are excited to announce that ACPS is able to launch Zearn as part of ALL In tutoring and as a resource for our elementary and middle school teachers and students. The app is now available via ClassLink, and all math sections in grades K-8 have been rostered. If your school or grade level needs classes rostered in another way, please reach out to SIS Support. Rosters will update each night, so new students should have an account within 24 hours.

Any school that has been using the free version of Zearn can sync the data (so students can keep their historic progress). However, this is a one-time opportunity that occurs the first time a student accesses Zearn through ClassLink. In order to sync their account, students must answer “Yes” to indicate that they’ve used Zearn before. If they answer “No,” there is no way to undo that. Please see this step-by-step guide: Student Experience: Zearn and ClassLink.

Also, if you are tutoring students or if you want to use Zearn in your classroom, please register for this training: