Online Annual Training (OATS): Helpful Things to Know

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As we recently announced, all regular (non-temporary) employees must complete Online Annual Training (OATS) by the end of the school year. The training includes two components: OATS 2023-24 and Safe Schools: Child Abuse: Mandatory Reporting. You can access the online training through our Professional Learning Management System (PLMS) under the Courses tab: My Courses > My Learning Opportunities.

As you work to complete this required training, please be aware of the following:

  1. The PLMS is currently experiencing periodic, brief outages. The issue causing the outages has been identified and a repair is planned for this weekend.
  2. After clicking on each course title, you must click the “View Again” button to participate.
  3. If you get a “Popup Blocked” error, click the “Launch Course” button.
  4. This is a two-part training. Once you’ve completed the first course, you need to return to the Courses tab and click on the second course to complete the training.
  5. Each night, the PLMS performs a sweep to check for course completion. The PLMS will not indicate that you have completed a course until the day after you complete it.

For more details, please revisit our April 17 Compass post. Questions? Please contact Sarah Lynn.